plastic canvas kits
i ordered two plastic canvas kits #18365 and 18368 according to the order page they should have come with yarn and the needles too. i got nothing but the pattern. whats's up???
Posted by: on 06/02/18
Hello, the items that were ordered are plastic canvas leaflets, which is just the design and instructions on how to make the design. I can see how this can be a bit confusing as the manufacture name is Plastic Canvas Kits, but the product type is listed properly as a leaflet. I am very sorry for the troubles.
by: ShipMan007 on 06/04/18

The above poster is correct. The creator of these designs is called Plastic Canvas but these designs do not come as kits, that's just the name of the designers company. The information on our website for this product, which is to the right of the picture is:

Product Type: Plastic Canvas Leaflet

and that means that it's just a leaflet so it will only have the chart, color key and instructions included. Any supplies you need will have to be purchased separately and the supply listing will also be on the leaflet. Hope this information helps!

~Kristi @ EPC
by: Kristi @ EPC on 06/04/18