Pattern Suggestions?
So I got a bunch of these circle with raised center plastic canvas pieces for Christmas. Can anyone suggest patterns that use them? Thanks!
Posted by: on 12/26/18
I use these circles to make card holders for playing cards. Take two circles; starting at the center, cover with yarn in any pattern that pleases you. Make the two circles alike. Lastly, sew the two circles together in the middle of the circles (bump outside). Playing cards are placed between the two pieces and held snuggly. I have found interest in these holders from seniors who have arthritis, grandparents who are teaching youngsters card games where the children's hands are too small to hold a handful of cards comfortably, to a lady who wanted twenty holders to give to her pinochle group. You only need scraps of yarn; let your imagination free; I am often surprised by what is created. Have fun!
by: on 12/26/18