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I love the suncatcher pattern and am looking forward starting it. I'm having problems finding the required acrylic beads. I've gone on line lookin...
Posted By gail_soldato on 04/11/14.    63 Views,   3 Replies:
Posted By rebeccalawson69 on 04/14/14.    48 Views
I have been looking for 3mm st6arburst beads and 8mm round beads and I am unable to find them. does this pattern use either of them? and where ...
Posted By br5033 on 03/07/14.    203 Views,   2 Replies:
liked it
my friend made this in a few days, she decided to use 2 different purples, instead of black and purple, and for the little dots she used yellow and i...
Posted By shygurl0507 on 04/11/14.    57 Views
What size?????
I assume a heart shaped plastic canvas is used for the bunny's face, what size is it?
Posted By gmamj on 04/08/14.    70 Views,   1 Replies:
Bird House Patteern
I bought this pattern because I wanted to make a dishwasher sign for my cousin. I used the basic pattern but adjusted it to fit my needs. It was ve...
Posted By paulasmith1000 on 04/08/14.    64 Views
How many yards of thread will I find on your Needloft Yarn?
Posted By mechestnut2012 on 03/30/14.    100 Views,   1 Replies:
How many yards of yarn will I find on the Red Heart Classic Plastic Canvas Yarn?
Posted By mechestnut2012 on 03/30/14.    107 Views,   1 Replies:
How much is it for JUST this pattern? My daughter has a disability and I want to make this for her. So all I want is this patter? Is it available onlin...
Posted By kcolter86 on 03/28/14.    105 Views,   1 Replies:
your patterns are not right
i order this pattern a few days ago and i made it only the insert did not fit i had to come up with the the right way to do it my self and i also bought ...
Posted By olivegeneva on 03/18/14.    184 Views,   1 Replies:
can it be sent by E-Mail?
Posted By Gerry on 03/08/14.    166 Views,   1 Replies:
light sage yarn
I think I order tw0 of the 631 witch is the light sage, but I only wanted one of them. Could you please take one off please.
Posted By sandracook98 on 03/13/14.    148 Views
In my pattern book, it says "D-Side Ruffle #1 (cut 2) 16X14 holes" but the graph shows 16X42. Please help, thanks!
Posted By debi4ever on 03/12/14.    176 Views
bee mine comments
enjoyed simple and quick used pearl irredicent cord on wings
Posted By rascal on 03/12/14.    152 Views
duck carring an egg comments
easy pattern really enjoyed this
Posted By rascal on 03/12/14.    151 Views
I want to know why you don't have a shamrock already cut out like you have a valentine and a cross that you can buy in a store. I have checked eve...
Posted By cummings.ge on 03/06/14.    201 Views
craft shows and internet
Does anyone go to a craft show and sell plastic canvas? If you do let me know how much the items are that you are selling? I would love to go to cr...
Posted By rjah on 03/06/14.    178 Views
price of plastic canvas
I have made many products and I would love to know how much to price the items. One is a dishwasher sign, long Kleenex box, short Kleenex box d...
Posted By rjah on 03/05/14.    197 Views
What is the size of each character's the rabbit and the turtle?
Posted By maggiesmaster on 03/04/14.    197 Views
Windsock Patterns
I was wondering if Crafts and More Store will be posting any windsock patterns. I'm looking for the ladybugs pattern. Thanks.
Posted By kfirth54 on 03/01/14.    206 Views,   1 Replies:
6 or 12
it said 6 on one 12 pack on the other one so what is it and how long before it will get here
Posted By bmboys on 02/28/14.    232 Views
whats the differance
i was wondering what is the difference between 7 point and 10 point im a little new at this and all plus its been a really long time since I did any th...
Posted By sammy41091 on 02/17/14.    263 Views,   1 Replies:
Will this work with Windows 7? Is this just a download or do you get the CD?
Posted By busterpk on 02/03/14.    355 Views,   2 Replies:
Tic-Tac-Toe set
would Like to know how I can get that page from the book mine is messed up and I would like to make it for my great granddaughter for her birthda...
Posted By bigbadmama206 on 02/09/14.    329 Views,   1 Replies:
Are all the main part of the door signs made with 7 mesh?
Posted By joy448 on 02/11/14.    267 Views