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Are the letters already cut out? If not, do you have the alphabet already cut out? Pat002
When will this be back in stock
Are these coloured/printed plastic canvas?
I am new to this site. If I buy this "Adorable Cats" what exactly do I get. Is it a kit or a downloadable pattern?
I am looking for firefighter and EMS and medical patterns such as tissue box holders,coasters,firetrucks,ambulances,any patterns would be greatly appreciated.
Good day everyone!😃 I have a project that needs a perfectly round shape that will be the body of the turkey. How can I obtain such a shape? Thank you very much, know that your help is much appreciated. 😀 Nathalie
instructions on pink elegance bible cover
I love this, because I'm a dog person all the way. One thing wrong: I'd like just the pawprint to make as a fridge magnet. How can I get a pattern of only a dog's pawprint? Anybody have any ideas? I'm open to them, except eBay. I've had problems with that. Thanks! 😀
Hi I'm looking for the largest plastic canvas. Please advise if 12x18 the largest sheet Thank you
when I buy a product is it already cut? or do I need to cut it? I love plastic canvas I just don't know how to cut them my mother in law use to do that for me
What exactly does this kit contain?
The first time I ordered the 7 mesh 3" square 10 pack plastic canvas on 01/13/2015 I was very happy with the stiffness of them. Then I believe I placed another order later for one more 10 pack and they were more flimsy. I wasn't happy with them. I'm making baby alphabet blocks with them and when I went to put them together the last packet I bought wanted to bend and not stay square. I'm hoping that was just a bad batch. I'm wanting to make another set of baby blocks and have been looking for a stiff 3" square plastic canvas, but haven't been successful. I can only find the one company (Darice) that makes them. That is what I ordered on 01/13/2015 sku #052371, and the squares were stiff enough. The second time when I ordered 1 more pack they were still from Darice, but more flimsy. Can you tell me if they've changed, or if there is something more stiff.
Monday, 8-21-2017. 11 PM EST. Dear Everything Plastic Canvas, You all used to have somewhere a chart showing a person which Red Heart yarns are suitable substitutes for the Needloft plastic canvas yarn. I think this was when Needloft yarn wasn't being made. Do you still have that chart available and could you pls post it here? Thanks so very much. Sincerely, Margaret
Does one layer of the hard plastc canvas float on water? What about the softer #14 plastic canvas sheets, does one layer float on water?
Hi.. I was wondering if purchasing this leaflet also include the instructions for the vase the lilies are in as well? Or is that a separate leaflet of instructions? Thank you

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