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Can you please tell me how large the Nativity Set is? What is the height of the largest piece and the smallest piece? It seems there is a black edge to each piece. Is that true? What type of stitching is in it? Some of the other things I have ordered from your website have larger stitches, which obviously make the project quicker. And finally - is there a supply list?
I purchased the pattern for the Big Bunny Basket. It requires 2 (6 inch) 7 count canvas hearts. I cant find these on your website to order. Do you sell these?
Hi there, Does the cost include yarn to complete tissue box cover or is it only the 4 plastic templates with instructions?
there are many books in here that show the price but not how many patterns and i mean no info on the books at all. how do you buy something with no info?
Hi I'm just wondering if you can do regular postage in the mail?
Are the letters already cut out? If not, do you have the alphabet already cut out? Pat002
When will this be back in stock
Are these coloured/printed plastic canvas?
I am new to this site. If I buy this "Adorable Cats" what exactly do I get. Is it a kit or a downloadable pattern?
I am looking for firefighter and EMS and medical patterns such as tissue box holders,coasters,firetrucks,ambulances,any patterns would be greatly appreciated.
Good day everyone!😃 I have a project that needs a perfectly round shape that will be the body of the turkey. How can I obtain such a shape? Thank you very much, know that your help is much appreciated. 😀 Nathalie
instructions on pink elegance bible cover
I love this, because I'm a dog person all the way. One thing wrong: I'd like just the pawprint to make as a fridge magnet. How can I get a pattern of only a dog's pawprint? Anybody have any ideas? I'm open to them, except eBay. I've had problems with that. Thanks! 😀
Hi I'm looking for the largest plastic canvas. Please advise if 12x18 the largest sheet Thank you

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