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question on this tissue holder
Does this pattern have the blue flowers on all four sides or just the front?
Posted By bettymeyers on 09/28/14.    20 Views,   1 Replies:
What is the best
way to get started on learning about how to make plastic canvas items. I know nothing about the craft - size of needles or mesh, how to put it all ...
Posted By rose0696 on 09/12/14.    95 Views,   3 Replies:
ICan't tell where to put the silver stitches
I purchased this pattern leaflet in Oct of 2013. Try as hard as I can, even under an OTT light and with extra magnification, I cannot tell where to p...
Posted By labchick on 09/24/14.    36 Views
Ship Method
Is it possible that the pattern be emailed to me rather than mailed?
Posted By missnicache on 09/23/14.    25 Views
getting the pictures of the items instead of the little squares with a flag in the middle
Hi, I am so pleased to have found this web site.But could someone please tell me how to get the pictures of the items? Please. All I get is just a s...
Posted By kati.heisel on 09/15/14.    87 Views,   1 Replies:
Square size
What is the difference between 7 mesh and ten and which will the plastic needle work better with?
Posted By jhart on 09/17/14.    62 Views,   1 Replies:
Project Evaluation
Very happy with the finished product to use in my fall/Halloween decorating. I decided to use clear plastic and stitch the background black as I w...
Posted By Mike's Mom on 09/11/14.    89 Views
I want to order these.
i type in USPS shipping and its says no shipping has been entered. why I will order some other time. Thanks
Posted By makefferdog on 08/20/14.    196 Views,   1 Replies:
I want to order these.
i type in USPS shipping and its says no shipping has been entered. why
Posted By makefferdog on 08/20/14.    193 Views
place mats
I want to make some place mats and want to know if this is stiff enough for them... Thanks Ella
Posted By erbrittain1 on 08/16/14.    202 Views
please tell me the size of the cradle Thank you Donna
Posted By donnabutts29 on 08/14/14.    202 Views
Does not show step by step information so it doesn't help someone that just started doing plastic canvas items
Posted By maggieward705 on 08/12/14.    225 Views,   1 Replies:
Is there a version of this software for IPads?
Posted By casda357 on 08/12/14.    226 Views
Wonderful pattern!
I made this to hang on my apartment door for Thanksgiving. I did change the color of the dress to grey, since we are in Massachusetts and our pil...
Posted By janetd05 on 08/06/14.    260 Views,   1 Replies:
In regards to this pattern, do all of the alphabet come with this or do I have to order each alphabet separately?? Any comments are appreciated!!
Posted By angeliasmith53 on 08/03/14.    287 Views,   1 Replies:
pattern down load
How do I get my pattern to print
Posted By dolphinlover322 on 08/02/14.    266 Views
Posted By MA on 07/06/14.    429 Views,   2 Replies:
I want a pattern of a Dachshund dog for a tissue box. do you have one?
Posted By bmhm1937 on 07/22/14.    349 Views,   1 Replies:
chit chat
I purchased this pattern and as soon as I received it I got started making both of the little girls for my great granddaughters room. They made up v...
Posted By morgan62292 on 07/09/14.    383 Views,   1 Replies:
Is it a female
I need to find a female and some how keep it dry for the out Sid client
Posted By implantknee on 07/06/14.    420 Views,   1 Replies:
I have windows 7 so will this software work and will it work on windows 8
Posted By bmcasias on 07/06/14.    420 Views
plastic pamphlet
I wish I could look inside the "Teach Me" Plastic Canvas book and read a little of it. I've been doing plastic canvas for about 15 years. BUT, thi...
Posted By Stitiching King on 07/06/14.    406 Views
what does it fit
This is the cutest idea I have seen in a long time. My question: does it fit an ball ornament?????. I will wait for your response before I order. Th...
Posted By busycrafter2 on 07/03/14.    442 Views,   1 Replies:
I enjoy doing plastic canvas art. I am still a novice,is this project for novices or should I choose another lighthouse project. This is a gift for the...
Posted By nascarfan7241 on 07/01/14.    408 Views,   1 Replies:
Not sure by the numbers, what size this will be. Can someone tell me? Thanks.
Posted By lokdyer on 07/01/14.    437 Views