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Welcome our fine feathered friends back for the summer with these high flying plastic canvas projects!

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Posted By junepitapooh on 05/22/15.    6 Views,   1 Replies:
Is the software compatible with MAC computers?
Posted By pamspam on 05/20/15.    17 Views,   1 Replies:
What comes in the kits?
Plastic canvas, yarns, needle, guide and instructions
Posted By rp_sullivan77 on 05/14/15.    39 Views,   1 Replies:
Christmas cookie set
can u download this pattern after buying it instead of mailing it?
Posted By tammyfougere on 05/14/15.    52 Views,   1 Replies:
Plastic canvas project
I'm looking for a pickachu tissue box pattern. If any body has or knows were I can get one. Also looking for small plastic canvas projects that are ...
Posted By threebratsandbleu on 05/11/15.    49 Views
batman plactic canvas patteren
do you know where i can get the patteren they make the boxes so there has to be a patteren some where
Posted By ladynighthawk on 04/07/15.    177 Views,   1 Replies:
variety plastic canvas
I am looking to buy a book with alot of patterns in it. I don't have any specific pattern that I want to buy. I want one with many patterns in it. Doe...
Posted By sandyln56 on 03/26/15.    243 Views,   2 Replies:
I am looking for owl, all sports, plastic canvas patterns. At this time i can not buy books. I am making things so my autistic son can sell them. Can...
Posted By cherokeee353636 on 05/01/15.    92 Views,   1 Replies:
If you make coaster sets with felt backing hot glued on how do you wash them? Regular plastic canvas I just put in washer but with the backing glu...
Posted By im-ok on 04/14/15.    158 Views,   2 Replies:
Just want to make this for my mother-in-law's birthday. I don't want to buy anything or sell what I make from this pattern, just a free copy so I ca...
Posted By spencer-nyman on 05/09/15.    58 Views,   1 Replies:
Yes, I made this piece
The baskets were easy to cut off and assemble. I made the large one to decorate our apartment door, added flowers to match and have receiv...
Posted By janetmd34 on 05/06/15.    74 Views
xmas pattern leaflet
Does anyone know when this item will be available to buy?. I have been trying to purchase this item for the last 4 months. If you could let me know...
Posted By ginny3651 on 05/06/15.    70 Views
love it
I bought this because my grandfather recently passed away and served in ww2. Everyone in my family saw it now they all want one. Guess ill be bu...
Posted By kittcatt67 on 05/06/15.    73 Views
Plastic Canvas Round
How do you stitch on the round circle?????????
Posted By juliehetherington on 05/05/15.    75 Views
Too Bad
Thanks for the information -- or for telling me that the information doesn't exist. :) I'm looking for something big enough to hold my crochet p...
Posted By Patricia G on 05/05/15.    79 Views
Thanks for your response, but I didn't ask my question the right way. What are the dimensions of the finished product in terms of width, height, an...
Posted By Patricia G on 05/04/15.    83 Views,   1 Replies:
Mesh size or count
Does the 3" circles come in different mesh or count sizes
Posted By czbabyrn on 05/03/15.    86 Views,   1 Replies:
thread amount
the amount of thread on the apple placemat is that just for one mat are how many will it make
Posted By july7man62 on 05/02/15.    88 Views,   1 Replies:
Size ans Stitches
What are the dimensions for this project? And does it require any specialty stitches? (Specialty stitches are fun!)
Posted By Patricia G on 05/02/15.    86 Views,   1 Replies:
Counting & Cutting patterns
What is the easiest way to count & cut a pattern? Is there any marker that will work on plastic? I can't seem to copy & cut correctly & have fond n...
Posted By mardan1955 on 04/26/15.    109 Views,   1 Replies:
looking for a pattern
is there a pattern for this particular pattern bouncy bat
Posted By lillian.dyson on 05/01/15.    96 Views,   1 Replies:
What color yarns do I need for this and the collie pattern
Posted By stormy1103 on 04/30/15.    86 Views,   1 Replies:
tissue box covers
it would help if we could see more patterns from the book, I myself would like to see what I'm buying, not just one pattern. thank you , Maria Ferdin
Posted By mferdi on 04/26/15.    103 Views,   1 Replies:
count of plastic canvas
Is this a 7 count plastic? Thank you.
Posted By deatherage.linda on 04/21/15.    128 Views,   1 Replies:
What do you by 'Leaflets' is that the pattern?
Posted By hollowfaye on 04/19/15.    124 Views,   1 Replies: