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Does one layer of the hard plastc canvas float on water? What about the softer #14 plastic canvas sheets, does one layer float on water?
Hi.. I was wondering if purchasing this leaflet also include the instructions for the vase the lilies are in as well? Or is that a separate leaflet of instructions? Thank you
Hi! I was wondering if the instructions for this pattern includes the leaves and flower stock as well?
Can this pattern be downloaded?
I am running Windows Vista 64. I have heard that this software will not run on 64 bit versions of Windows. Is this correct? If so can I install it and run it in compatibility mode Windows XP Service Pack 2??? If I order this software and it will not run on my machine, is it returnable?? Thank you for your help. Pam
Can this pattern be downloaded?
It would help if the 'make photo larger' was actually larger than this tiny photo. How large, in inches, are the finished houses?
Do you have 10 mesh plastic canvas in ultra stiff? I need it for a tissue box cover. Thank you.
It seems like almost all plastic canvas tissue cover patterns are for small square tissue boxes. When what most people buy rectangle boxes either regular or large size. I've heard you only need to add 2 threads for the larger boxes.
i have this kit and i don't know the first thing about how to do it. do you have a book or something on the computer that will help me. thank you
What are the other designs in the book?
when are you going to come out with more designs
What exactly does this kit contain?
What is included in the Christmas Train Kit?
Good day everyone!😃 I have a project that needs a perfectly round shape that will be the body of the turkey. How can I obtain such a shape? Thank you very much, know that your help is much appreciated. 😀 Nathalie

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