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How long does it take to receive your order?
How is Santa's beard made?
I am looking for patterns on Mine Craft.
Hi, my name is Gwen and I really want to know how to do this sign. I truly love it. I have no idea how to do the stitches or how many etc. I am wanting to know if I order this, will it have the full set of directions how to do the sign? Is it possible to have the directions emailed to me? Thank you for your help.
i ordered two plastic canvas kits #18365 and 18368 according to the order page they should have come with yarn and the needles too. i got nothing but the pattern. whats's up???
I bought this pattern a while back and I'm getting ready to make it and order the heart shaped plastic canvas. The pattern says it requires 6-inch hearts but I only find 5.5-inch hearts for sale on this website. Is the 5.5-inch going to work?
Do you need to reverse the stitching on one of the top pieces so that the stitches go in the same direction on both pieces when attached together?
Are these shapes precut?
I have a three samplers spring summer and winter was there a fall sampler?
I am looking for firefighter and EMS and medical patterns such as tissue box holders,coasters,firetrucks,ambulances,any patterns would be greatly appreciated.
Can someone please help me? I am going absolutely nuts I've been looking for a certain pattern book I've lost over 20 years ago. Containing the alphabet and it showed three different patterns for it. I have already search The Archives and absolutely positively nothing. Please please please can someone out there help me. I would appreciate that ever so much sincerely Melanie
Can any one help me find the pattern for plastic canvas building block dollhouse? I would like to make one for my granddaughter she loves her barbies. It was paper back from yr. 1991 thank you
The pattern doesn't give the size of the QuickShape plastic canvas stars. The biggest size I can find is 5 inches. The finished product is 6 3/8 inches wide, so I assume the measurements are from the roof of the birdhouse across. If not, could you tell me where I can find bigger size stars? Thank you! Julie
There is a mistake on the last page. C & D side pieces should say 36 holes x 32 (not 36 holes x 31). Page 2 showing the topper Top should say 32 holes x 32 holes (not 33 x 32 holes). Also A, the front piece, is missing 2 green strikes on the pattern. Because I began with the topper top and was then unable to attached it, I just removed the last row to make 32 rows instead of 33. I did not sew the eyes with white and black, instead I used wiggly eyes that had eye lashes painted on them and it made a big difference.
Does it come any larger then 13.6x22.6?

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