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looking for rhomboid plastic canvas, do you have it?
Posted By jdough8023 at 02:00 PM.    4 Views,   1 Replies:
is anyone there to chat with me
Posted By jdough8023 at 02:01 PM.    2 Views
Do you know how long it will be when you will get it.I would like to get this ,but wan to know how long it will be.
Posted By mrscotter2011 on 11/20/14.    16 Views
Where do you get the angels body at can I purchase it from you or do you know to get one.
Posted By mrscotter2011 on 11/20/14.    14 Views
pattern sizes
can anyone tell me what the size is on the parrot patterns in this book and in the plant perchers plus no.1 are. looking for patterns that are about ...
Posted By bearfan512000 on 11/19/14.    18 Views
Does anyone know of a print or online plastic canvas magazine to which I can subscribe? Thanks, Terry
Posted By originalsbyterry on 11/18/14.    28 Views
How do I post a picture?
I have a picture of a project I want to make and need a pattern for. How do I post a picture of it? Thanks so much for any help.
Posted By dee dee on 11/13/14.    40 Views
Bulldog Coaster Set
I am looking for a couple of coaster sets; a bulldog and a chocolate lab. Any suggestions where I can find these ???
Posted By amelia on 11/12/14.    44 Views
fireman's maltese cross
Just wondering if this item is already made,or is it a book I will receive? also,I am looking for the maltese fireman's cross to make with plastic ca...
Posted By grann39 on 11/12/14.    56 Views
plastic canvas circles
are this circles the ones with the raised centers?
Posted By onenana6 on 11/08/14.    73 Views,   1 Replies:
received only a paper design
I received in a 9x12 envelope today three "kits" that I thought I purchased....but the envelope contained only the three patterns....no plastic, no...
Posted By psm717 on 11/10/14.    67 Views,   1 Replies:
Plastic Canvas - Alphabet and Numbers
Does this leaflet have a pattern for 3 to 4 inch letters and numbers? If it doesn't do you have a leaflet for letters and numbers that big or have...
Posted By padove07 on 11/08/14.    74 Views
pdf file
Are you able to send this pattern through a pdf file to email?
Posted By vicki_1966 on 11/07/14.    84 Views,   1 Replies:
I have not done any of these yet, but the patterns are well done and I know I will enjoy doing these.
Posted By Needlepoint Lady on 11/05/14.    82 Views
picture of the horn of plenty
Could I view the picture of the thanksgiving door greeting in the booklet?
Posted By rruban4824 on 11/05/14.    86 Views
Good afternoon, I am wondering if this kit comes complete with canvas, & yard. Thank you, & wishing you a great day
Posted By lorann_6583 on 10/11/14.    243 Views,   1 Replies:
M&R Technologies
I processed an order from them on the 9th of Oct. It had to be shipped to me here in Canada. It came today. I'm very impressed with the speed in w...
Posted By deedeej on 10/17/14.    156 Views,   1 Replies:
Square size
What is the difference between 7 mesh and ten and which will the plastic needle work better with?
Posted By jhart on 09/17/14.    301 Views,   2 Replies:
I'd like to know what size the finished stocking is,also. You could use a section of quilters template or plastic sheet,hobby lobby is good place to...
Posted By tinamachterhoff on 10/15/14.    180 Views,   1 Replies:
What size is this when completed?
Posted By bepeace2 on 10/03/14.    250 Views,   4 Replies:
cat airfreshener?
any one know where i can get a pattern for a cat that will cover an airfreshener ........the rose doll is sweet but i have a friend who loves cats so w...
Posted By hugableme1952 on 10/13/14.    190 Views
Autumn Welcome
I wish this could.be purchased as a kit. THANK YOU FOR THE REPLIES,HAVE A GOOD ONE.
Posted By tinamachterhoff on 10/09/14.    219 Views,   2 Replies:
pattern down load
How do I get my pattern to print
Posted By dolphinlover322 on 08/02/14.    486 Views,   1 Replies:
Posted By temps94 on 10/05/14.    215 Views,   1 Replies:
I was wondering that the height on this is
Posted By jesusfreak7283 on 10/08/14.    201 Views,   1 Replies: