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First time to you site. You show a spot to order the yarn for the project. Per piece or a skein of yarn?
Hi, what to you get when you order something, I was looking a the kitty cat tissue box
Hi everyone I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's a how to stich the Eiffel tower I would like to have it in 3D or not that's fine please let me Know ty.....
I was looking at this 26 door letters . Is that sold steparate ? Or it's is sold 26 letters altogether?
What does the 123/4 X 70/4 x 3 inches mean? what is the /4 mean what does the 123 mean Is it inches?
Hi I was wondering if anyone out there knows if you can do cross stitching with plastic canvas? A friend of mine did a cross stitch many years ago and she said it was Aida cloth but I cannot find any hard plastic like Aida cloth. If you can cross stitch with it does anyone know if they make a 7-1 inch sheet? also can you buy it in big sheets ( to cut ) to fit bigger patterns? Thank you
For some reason, this info pages doesn't give the size of the finished coasters. Anyone know?
Gostaria de saber quanto seria para adquirir o livro em pdf moro no Brasil Aracaju-se
Does it come in a 6 pk
Good morning my daughter is making a project with 140 up and down 110 going across, what size plastic canvas is that, and also do you carry it. Thank you very much for your help. Donna
I am looking for plastic grid canvas for crocheting handbags with tshirt yarn. I have seen this being use by utube videos from Italy , do you carry such a product.
Do these baskets need a special designed bottom other than regular sheets, i.e. oval of a certain size?
how many sheets for the price?
Will these work with American Girl dolls?
I can not find patterns in the boy and girl easter bunny Can you help me?

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