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Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!! Our offices will be closed tomorrow and Friday (11/25) and we will not return to the office until Monday the 28th. Any emails sent to our Customer Service dept will still be answered but due to it being the holiday, reply times may be a bit longer than you're used to. I won't be answering anything on the message boards or our Facebook pages until I return on the 28th. We hope you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with your family and friends :) See you all next week!! ~Kristi @ EPC
Can I use this version of plastic canvas design studio with Windows 10 ?
What all comes in the kits
I bought this pattern but they did not tell what colors they used for this pattern. I would llke to use the colors they used if you have them I would like to buy them if you have them. Thank you Joan
Do you still have on your designer software a chance to try it
Does the plastic canvas form come with instructions? If not, where can I get instructions. How tall is the form, is it easily held in one hand?
I have an unlock code now I need to download the program.
What is the size of this box?
I have release 1.0 & I can't install it because I have windows 7 & 64 bit operation system. Is there an update for my version or do I need to order the current one?
Are these white or pink
Has anyone made this tissue box?
i need five inch stars do you have them?
I purchased that booklet a while back and I have it packed away. I need it as soon as possible, but have no way to find it. I want to make some more of these cute ornaments, but I need the patterns and instructions. Do you have anymore of the booklets or can I receive the instructions for all the patterns in the booklet? I can't find the booklet anywhere. I know it's been discontinued. Thank you Kay Lynn Peterson
Is this 7 count?
How do I know if a pattern is a download or not?

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