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Do I get the materials for the kit separate ?
Does everything come in kit? Please advise, Thanks. R.Mathis
Would you send me any coupons? Do you have bundles or are they only sold individually? Thank you.
Please reply
Hi, I am looking for needloft yarn in Rust. I recently bought supplies from a yard sale that had projects started and not finished and the reason not finished is no Rust color yarn.
Is this a kit that I do myself?
Is this for one sheet or 14 sheet
Does anyone know how high and wide the finished piece is?
Why did they stop making all the colors, If they do make them where can I find them. I use to get a gold. It was a yellow gold but darker then what you have available.
Do you have any directions on how this is done before a person buy it?
Is this a pdf file that I would be purchasing?
I have been checking on this product for awhile now any time line when it will back in stock
Hi , I have not ordered from here yet but would like to get the Eagle/flag. It is just the instructions correct and I buy the yarn etf??? Thank you for any help!
hi I'm interested in this pattern and I would like to know the colors so i can add them in the cart too.
Hi everyone I am new to working with plastic canvas. At the moment I am working with my 4 sides pieces for the tissue box. The measurements for this particular box is 30 top across and 37 side down. How shall I cut the top piece. I know I have to measure it first.

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