Needloft yard
I am looking for needloft yarn in Rust. I recently bought supplies from a yard sale that had projects started and not finished and the reason not finished is no Rust color yarn.
Posted by: on 01/30/17

That color has been discontinued by the manufacturer :( You might be able to find some from stores that still have inventory left or online auctions sites such as Ebay or Amazon. But it's been discontinued so we are no longer able to get that color from the manufacturer.

~Kristi @ EPC
by: Kristi @ EPC on 01/30/17
In January a crafter was looking for some Needloft yarn in Rust color. You stated that, that color is no longer being made. Would there be another color that one could use if one could not find in on eBay or Amazon as you suggested? Just an idea that I was thinking might be of some help.
by: on 03/27/17
Hi, If you're still looking for rust colored yarn, you could try looking at the yarn selection at Hobby Lobby. If there's not one in your area, they have a website. Also, Michael's Arts & Crafts, or a LeeWards.
I would also recommend taking at least part of the project with you to match colors the best you can. You might have to find something "close" and pull out the other rust, and begin again. I've done that with other partially completed projects I've found.
by: on 03/30/17
I have used Bittersweet in the place of the rust color
by: on 11/21/17