7 Mesh 3" Square 10 Pack
The first time I ordered the 7 mesh 3" square 10 pack plastic canvas on 01/13/2015 I was very happy with the stiffness of them. Then I believe I placed another order later for one more 10 pack and they were more flimsy. I wasn't happy with them. I'm making baby alphabet blocks with them and when I went to put them together the last packet I bought wanted to bend and not stay square. I'm hoping that was just a bad batch.
I'm wanting to make another set of baby blocks and have been looking for a stiff 3" square plastic canvas, but haven't been successful. I can only find the one company (Darice) that makes them. That is what I ordered on 01/13/2015 sku #052371, and the squares were stiff enough. The second time when I ordered 1 more pack they were still from Darice, but more flimsy.
Can you tell me if they've changed, or if there is something more stiff.
Posted by: on 08/26/17

To our knowledge, Darice hasn't made any changes to their product. We can send your information onto them to let them know about the issue. You can always buy the extra stiff canvas sheets and then cut the sized squares you need from those?! I know that is more time consuming but that would be my suggestion if you are needing something super stiff?!

~Kristi @ EPC
by: Kristi @ EPC on 08/28/17
I am also looking for a stiffer plastic canvas. also purchased a package of plastic canvas and it was real flimsy and sometimes I can go to some craft stores and buy some. Since after the 1st of this year it is getting harder. My projects are not as nice! Where do you order the stiff canvas from? I hope I get the information I need from you. My email address is : toadgeeze@gmail.com. Sincerely Maripat Dykes
by: on 02/08/18