details of nativity set
Can you please tell me how large the Nativity Set is? What is the height of the largest piece and the smallest piece?

It seems there is a black edge to each piece. Is that true?

What type of stitching is in it? Some of the other things I have ordered from your website have larger stitches, which obviously make the project quicker.

And finally - is there a supply list?
Posted by: on 10/05/17

The supply list that you need for the design is given on the chart itself along with the color key. There is a black edging to each piece and the sizes are as follows:

Angel: 82 x 116
Baby Jesus: 88 x 82
Camel: 70 x 110
Cow: 82 x 81
Donkey: 70 x 103
Joseph: 70 x 115
Mary: 70 x 113
Sheep: 70 x 90
Shepard: 90 x 102
Wiseman 1: 60 x 116
Wiseman 2: 60 x 115
Wiseman 3: 70 x 116

And the designer doesn't state what type of stitching is used for each piece?! To me, each piece looks like they use regular plastic canvas stitching. Thank you!

~Kristi @ EPC
by: Kristi @ EPC on 10/05/17