Christmas Candy Boxes

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1%" X 3Y2" X 4Y4".

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by: ruthlene on 2/4/2010
I really liked the look of this and ordered as something I could make for the Seniors group that I run and organize. I always make each one something to put on the table at Christmastime partly as the table decoration and partly something they get to take home with them as a Christmas gift. Thought this would be great for this years gift. I did purchase other items so can't say for sure that I will be making this specifically. I'm leaning more towards Jolly St. Nick container.
by: Margaret on 2/3/2010
by: Marie on 1/13/2010
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I'd like to know what size the finished stocking is,also. You could use a section of quilters template or plastic sheet,hobby lobby is good place to find these items.
Not sure by the numbers, what size this will be. Can someone tell me? Thanks.
How does the candies stay in the box? Thanks Sue
How do you keep the candy in
how do you keep the candy in the box?
What is on the sides clear plastic or how do you keep the candy inside Thanks Athy