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Can the pattern be emailed to me?
Hi folks. I was on here about 3 years ago looking for a certain cross pattern. I received many patterns but not one of them was what I was looking for. The pattern leaflet has 3 egg shaped dark circles on the front and in each one there is a different cross. They are Celtic style crosses. Maybe some the new viewers might have it or know of someone who does. I lost mine in a house fire and would love to have a copy so I can remake them for my kids. HOPE someone, anyone can help. Eliz. D
What size crochet hook is the best for pulling the fringe loops through 7 mesh canvas? I can't remember what size I used to use!!
Hi everyone. I am looking for a pattern for my cell phone. Can anyone HELP ME.
Where can I purchase the yarn for the Seashell Tissue Cover. It callas for Spinrite yarn. But I cannot find it on all the sights I went on. I would appreciate your help. Thanks Jean Smith (
Can you please tell me how large this project is when it's finished?
The first time I ordered the 7 mesh 3" square 10 pack plastic canvas on 01/13/2015 I was very happy with the stiffness of them. Then I believe I placed another order later for one more 10 pack and they were more flimsy. I wasn't happy with them. I'm making baby alphabet blocks with them and when I went to put them together the last packet I bought wanted to bend and not stay square. I'm hoping that was just a bad batch. I'm wanting to make another set of baby blocks and have been looking for a stiff 3" square plastic canvas, but haven't been successful. I can only find the one company (Darice) that makes them. That is what I ordered on 01/13/2015 sku #052371, and the squares were stiff enough. The second time when I ordered 1 more pack they were still from Darice, but more flimsy. Can you tell me if they've changed, or if there is something more stiff.
Do you sell the flow in the dark and other threads for this
Do you still produce the 92 yard 2oz net weight skein ? I am looking for #52048 Dark Royal.
are you not stocking this item anymore?
If i purchase this item is the canvas in the cross shape and is the lettering shaded or must i follow a chart. Appreciate the answers prior to purchasing. Thank you.
Is there a download option instead of mail?
What comes in the order
Are the pieces already cut to shape needed?

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