Bargello Coaster Set in the "Big Book of Coasters" which you sell
I presently own this book and would like to make the Bargello Coaster set with 9 coasters instead of 4. I need all the yarn. Cannot find these colors and would sure appreciate your help. I understand I'm to use 1-2 weight for the Plastic Canvas 7. Please, please help! Thank you. Gina

PS: Bargello is on page 11
Posted by: pironti30 on 05/10/14
The yarn colors might be discontinued. I don't have the book, but I know that happens a lot. If you can't find the colors, I would just find the closest you can. For 7 mesh, use a 4 ply acrylic, worsted weight yarn. Red Heart Super Saver, Classic, and Love are three brands you can look for. Also, Bernat Super Value is another that works well. Needloft is another brand and it's made especially for 7 mesh plastic canvas.

Hope this help!

by: Lissa Mitchell Designs on 05/11/14