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What comes with the order? Do I get the plastic or do I have to buy it?
I am looking to buy or have copy the book of state magnet plastic canvas book. If any one has it please let me know. Thank you
I put a question on here a few days ago about weather there was a Santa Claus that went with Mrs Claus with coca! I haven't got any replies on it!!! The Mrs Claus that I am talking about is leaflet number 10921... I think she is cute but would like to know is there is a Santa that goes with her!!!
Is this a complete kit? Does it come with supplies and pattern or is this just a pattern with out supplies
how can I have shipping lable
I seen in the leaflets that there is a Mrs Claus with cocoa! I was wondering if there is a Mr Claus to go with her?
Number of pages and designs in this book?
Or do they already come made?
When are you going to have new items. It seems to be the same things every time you log in.
Do you have the supplies for this project? Autumn Corn
Do the sets include the eagle and the pocket? Are the eagles color marked to show where to put the beak and eye? Thank you. Doris Kennedy
Does this come with the yarn? If it doesn't, is there a list so I know what to purchase?
I would like to buy 100 of these, or more, but I recently picked some up at Hobby Lobby where I've purchased them before and although the packaging looked the same the product has been redesigned. Before I place an order, do you have that many in stock and are they EXACTLY as pictured here? I have orders and cannot fulfill them with the product that Darice is selling now. HELP! I've attached a picture of what Darice is selling now. As you can see it is much different from the picture on your site.
Is there any type of spray that we can use to stiffen the back of our projects so the thread does not come loose. I did find something spray starch for men's shirts. It worked great.
i would like verification that this is a pre-cut canvas kit not just a pattern

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