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I'm purchasing this item, But there is no yarn or any supplies list for this item. I would like to know the color of the Cross. It looks like it could be a goldish yellow color, but I'm not sure. I wished you could find the yarn color list for this product so that I can get the right colors for it, or any type of substitute color in yellows, or gold for the cross. Thank you for your input.
When placing pattern with plastic canvas, does it have to be exact....I feel as though I have to enlarge the pattern just to cut it out and make it look like what is shown in the pamphlet. It is too small some of the area on the plastic canvas to "cut around" and still have it hold up. Does anyone else make their patterns bigger on their plastic canvases ?
I cannot (and really wanted to) trace a pattern onto the plastic canvas from this pamphlet. The marker I am using doesn't make it is erasable and as I am doing the tracing, really does not adhere to the plastic canvas good. Then cutting the plastic canvas, the piece either it is because the marking isn't clear, or possibly I have to make it somewhat larger. If I leave one square (like the pattern wants), then as I am cutting, (near that square), it breaks off. If there were 3 squares left, maybe it would "fall off". I don't know what it to...this seems next to impossible, and it should be very easy. Any help out there, sure would be appreciated.
How many pages is this?
Can you look up a previous order for me?
Really disappointed. I bought a Falling leaves table set booklet from you and 3 of the 4 colors are no longer available. Any suggestions on what colors will match. The colors are #40 Beige, #09 Rust, and #30 Avocado.
I have not done plastic canvas for several years. What type of plastic canvas do I need to purchase for this project? Is this a fairly easy project to complete? About how long would it take to complete it? What type of yarn is required? I make angels every Christmas for friends and family and will need to make about 85 of these. Thank you
I am looking for a Christmas train pattern
Do you have delivery in Republic of Moldova?
How long does your shipping take in the US?
do you know what color is comparable to this?springtime plaid tissue box
Is this 7 count plastic?
What comes in the kit to do this project
I was wondering the size of the dice? What all is included in kit? Do you have color options for the dice?
when I was doinf plasric can vas I did a train aand was oinf -g Victorian houses I donit see those items anymore

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