4th of July Vase
Sunday, 6-1-2014. 4:30 PM Est

This looks like a beautiful design. So different. Also, looks pretty hard. I would love to hear from anyone who has made this design. Thanks.
Posted by: MA on 06/01/14
The pattern has very easy to read instructions with colorful graphs. It does come together pretty easy I would say it is an intermediate skill level pattern.
by: plasticcanvascrazy on 06/07/14
Monday, 6-9-2014.

Dear plasticcanvascrazy,
Thanks for your reply. I guess you have made this vase. I would love to see yours, if there is any way possible to do this. Again, thanks for your reply. MA
by: MA on 06/09/14
I am the designer of this pattern, so the cover is a picture of what I made. I can assure the pattern instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I appreciate your interest in my patterns!
by: plasticcanvascrazy on 06/10/14
Tuesday, 6-10-2014.

Ah, plasticcanvascrazy, I NOW understand that you are an expert. Thanks for your answers. I LOVE this 4th of July Vase design. Thanks again. MA
by: MA on 06/10/14