I Have this book but in the first project I am having a problem trying to find the colors of yarn that I need to do the project. Where do I find these colors. Such as rust, dark rust, beige, beige brown, dark beige brown, etc. I have never seen such colors in the stores. There was a whole list of colors that I was unable to get. I thought if I could find them all in one place on line it would be a lot easier.
Posted by: teapanda57 on 08/21/15

The specific colors that you mentioned have been discontinued by Needleloft. We used to carry them on our website but our distributor informed us that Needleloft stopped making those colors, so we can't get them any longer. You could always try contacting Needleloft to see if they have a conversion chart for their discontinued items. I believe Cottage Mills manufactures this yarn now so here is the link to their website: https://www.cottagemills.com/ Thank you and Good luck :)

~Kristi @ EPC
by: Kristi @ EPC on 08/24/15