can i download the pattern
Posted by: jamiebowen07 on 08/26/16
What you can do is "mix and match" with patterns and also use mixed media. I do this all the time and have great fun creating new items. If you have the dimensions for your tissue box (i.e. what the count is for the size box you want), take that, then get a pattern for a cross that will fit with tissue box size. You can use wide ribbon or a strip of soft cloth for the drape. Once the box itself has been stitched, then, drape the finished cross with whatever material you like and tac or glue the cross to the finished tissue box. It will be one of a kind and awesomely beautiful. Trust me!!!
by: rjark2731 on 08/28/16

The designs on our website are not available for download. Everything gets mailed out to you :) Thank you.

~Kristi @ EPC
by: Kristi @ EPC on 09/02/16