Searching 4 older pattern book
Can someone please help me? I am going absolutely nuts I've been looking for a certain pattern book I've lost over 20 years ago. Containing the alphabet and it showed three different patterns for it. I have already search The Archives and absolutely positively nothing. Please please please can someone out there help me. I would appreciate that ever so much sincerely Melanie
Posted by: Melanie on 03/30/18
Look for the book: "101 Filet Crochet Charts" on the website : american school of needlework , go to search and choose subject books and type the name of the book. You can use the charts for needlework,it has 9 pages of alphabets at the end of book (more than three different styles).I have the book ,if you want ,I can make copies of these pages and send them to you .
by: AURA on 04/02/18
Is it called "Designer Alphabet" by the Needlecraft Shop published in 1993? If so, I have this leaflet, I purchased it to put in my ebay store. If you are interested, leave me a message here.
by: on 05/13/18