plastic canvas building block dollhouse
Can any one help me find the pattern for plastic canvas building block dollhouse? I would like to make one for my granddaughter she loves her barbies. It was paper back from yr. 1991
thank you
Posted by: Juliann on 04/14/18
How much are you looking to pay for this book? I purchased this book a few weeks ago, to put in my ebay store, but have not listed it yet. I paid a substantial amount for it, as it is very hard to come by. The inside of it has no markings at all, the front cover has a white spot where someone tried to peel the price tag off and the back cover has a big white spot on it where something got stuck to it and it got peeled off. If you are interested, leave me a message here.
by: on 05/13/18
Oh, I just realized that you said Barbies. I erased all my first reply! It dawned on me that you don't want this dollhouse. It's too small for Barbie and her pals.

I also have another pattern which is Barbie sized and has directions for a PVC pipe structure upon which the house is constructed so that it will stand without falling over. These instructions come in a book and are quite easy to work with. They are old and I don't wish to part with the original, however, I can get Staples to make a color copy of the entire book. (You should have seen the faces on the men in the plumbing store when I asked them for the PVC piping!) It does require the larger heavier construction plastic canvas rectangles. Get a sturdy pair of scissors with which to cut the canvas-it is quite stiff. I believe it comes with furniture. I also have separate pamphlets for furniture, a round patio table and chair patterns.

I also have a pattern for a Barbie carrying case complete with 3 drawers for clothing, a closet to hang her dresses and, it escapes me what else. I know all these things can be store bought but have the fun is in the handmade process for that youngster we love, eh?

I also believe that I have a book with patterns for an open walled bedroom complete with furniture! (I loved my Barbie also, she was one of the first originals) I'm not sure what else I have by the way of patterns but, I can copy them for you.

The only thing that I would ask is reimbursement for the cost of copying in color and postage! I may even have an easy chair but I'd have to dig it all up. If you are on PayPal, I can send you an invoice and you can have your PayPal reimburse me.

Let me know what you think!
Jan F. in Providence, RI
by: on 06/21/18