plastic canvas
I have some plastic canvas that I had for back in the 1980s . I want to get needles .and yarn for them. I used to make Christmas things for the tree. I don't know size to order. The canvas size is 13/ 1/2 " long & 10 1/2 wide . I used to make these small boxes and we would used the needle and yarn to decorate the boxes for the tree. We would leave the top of the box open and make little snowmen or what ever we like and put them in the box . I have a sample and I am going to get my Granddaughter to take a picture and help me to send it to you ok. Thank you Gladys Mae.

Posted by: Gladys Mae on 04/27/18
Hi! I find that #16 Tapestry needles work well. As for yarn, 4 ply covers well but if you watch your stitch tension you can use 3 ply. Hope this helps.

by: on 05/01/18