does the plastic canvas kits come with everything needed for a finished product
turtle coaster set #0202
Posted by: on 07/09/18

This isn't a kit. It's just a leaflet. The leaflet will include the chart for the design, supply listing, instructions and color key. You will need to buy your supplies separate from the leaflet but the leaflet will include what you need to get :)

The best way to tell what a product is on the website is to look at the Product Type that is located to the right of the picture. If it says "Product Type: Plastic Canvas Leaflet" then the product is just a leaflet like I explained above. If it states, "Product Type: Plastic Canvas Kit", then the product is an actual kit that will include everything you need to complete the design shown.

Hope this information helps :) Thanks!

~Kristi @ EPC
by: Kristi @ EPC on 07/10/18