Cottontail Cottage
Do you have a supply list for this one?
Posted by: Travel Dawn on 12/04/18
When you get the leaflets it will give you a the list
by: on 01/25/19

Here are the supplies you need for this design: (and this is coming directly from the pattern itself)

Three sheets of 7-count plastic canvas; 1⁄2 sheet of white 7-count plastic canvas; One each miniature papa, mama and baby bunny; Miniature round basket with handle; Miniature clay flower pot; 18 miniature pastel colored plastic eggs; Green wood excelsior; Dried purple statice and white baby’s breath; White cloth-covered floral wire; 1 yd.[0.9m] of white and 1 1⁄4
yds. [1.1m] of pink 1⁄8" [3mm] satin ribbon; Craft glue or glue gun; Six-strand embroidery floss (for amount see Color Key); Medium metallic braid or metallic cord (for amount see Color Key); Worsted-weight or plastic canvas yarn (for amounts see Color Key).

Embroidery Floss: Aqua - 6 yards
Med. Metallic braid or Cord: Gold - 1/2 yard
Worsted Weight Yarn:
Lilac 2.5oz
White 80yds
Aqua 40yds
Pink 30yds
Pewter 12yds
Purple 12yds
Baby Green 5yds
Lemon 5yds
Bright Blue 5yds
Sail Blue 5 yds

Hope this information helps! The leaflet will include all stitching instructions as well as assembly instructions. Thanks!

~Kristi @EPC

by: Kristi @ EPC on 01/28/19