I have not done plastic canvas for several years. What type of plastic canvas do I need to purchase for this project? Is this a fairly easy project to complete? About how long would it take to complete it? What type of yarn is required? I make angels every Christmas for friends and family and will need to make about 85 of these.

Thank you
Posted by: jan on 05/11/19

Here are the list of supplies that you need for this design:

3 sheets 7-count clear plastic canvas
Plastic canvas yarn as listed in color key
1 (.5-oz) pkg Mini Curl doll hair
12 (5/8") gold jingle bells
5 yds fine metallic gold braid as listed
in color key
3 yds 1/8"-wide white satin ribbon
Tapestry needle
Hot-glue gun

The leaflet will give you instructions on how to finish and assemble and angel. There are about 6 steps for cutting and stitching and there are 9 steps in the assembly instructions. It doesn't look difficult but just time consuming. Hope this information helps.

~Kristi @ EPC
by: Kristi @ EPC on 05/13/19