Praying Hands Tissue Box Cover
I'm purchasing this item, But there is no yarn or any supplies list for this item. I would like to know the color of the Cross. It looks like it could be a goldish yellow color, but I'm not sure. I wished you could find the yarn color list for this product so that I can get the right colors for it, or any type of substitute color in yellows, or gold for the cross. Thank you for your input.
Posted by: youngmaria65 on 04/07/19

I can post the supply list on here in this chat but we don't post supplies for all of the designs because we do not carry everything :( Some designs use supplies that we are unable to carry. Here is the supply list for this specific design from the chart:

2 sheets of 10" x 13" 7 mesh plastic canvas
4 ply yarn
Tapestry Needle
Hot glue gun

Light Peach

This is all that is listed on the chart itself and the supply list doesn't give a brand of yarn to use; just states 4 ply yarn. Hope this helps! Thanks.

~Kristi @ EPC
by: Kristi @ EPC on 04/09/19
I use red heart gold. I found it at Walmart. For the hands, I used a light peach. That I bought of
by: on 04/16/19
I made this pattern and I used gold for it and it turn out really nice
by: wifey.moore on 06/09/19