Fun Projects Plastic Canvas 2013 Vol 1 a Plastic Canvas Pattern by Plastic Canvas Creations

A large collection of 34 various projects in plastic canvas! Featuring: Kawaii Friends Wall Hangings - FrankenBear, Candy Corn, Wrapped Candy, Ghost, Lollipop, and pumpkin. More Wall Hangings of a skull, Summertime Citrusade, and Tyrone the Hermit Crab. Bumble Bee Pocket Folders, Sweet Treats Pocket Folders, 3 Christmas Owls Wall Hangings, 1 Thanksgiving Owl Wall Hanging, 4 various owl wall hangings with different sized spots, 4 Winter Penguin Wall Hangings, and 5 Penguin Magnets. Projects are also sold separately. By purchasing the whole set, you save half the individual cost.
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Stitch Count
7 Mesh
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Lissa Mitchell
Lissa Mitchell

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