Pre School / Home School Learning Colors & Shapes a Plastic Canvas Pattern by KathyBarwickDesign

10 shapes with 10 different colors

Can also be used as craft projects in kindergarten or first grade. Cut out the shapes and let the students fill them in with yarn using a plastic needle.

1. Stella Star Bright yellow W70 x H67
2. Diane Diamond Candy pink W52 x H68
3. Tracy Triangle Lavender W68 x H57
4. Savannah Square Hot red W60 x H57
5. Charlotte Circle Peacock W69 x H69
6. Harriet Heart Orchid W70 x H59
7. Mickey Moon Pumpkin W56 x H69
8. Oliva Oval Spring green W50 x H69
9. Tabitha Tear Cool Blue W43 x H 68
10. Hazel Hexagon Orange W65 x H61

Each pattern is in color, with color graphs and step by step instructions.
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7 count
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standard size sheets

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Kathy Barwick
Kathy Barwick 2015
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